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10 Aug 2013

What do Old World warblers eat?

What do Old World warblers eat? The diets of all members of the family consist primarily of insects, other arthropods, and especially spiders. Other prey items include crustaceans, snails, and harvestmen (Opiliones). Sap (golden-crowned kinglet) and nectar (several African and Asian species, especially Prinia) are occasionally consumed. Prinia hodgsonii and Orthotomus sutorius are known to carry pollen attached to the feathers […]
4 Apr 2013

What do kiwis eat?

What do kiwis eat? Kiwis feed on invertebrates, especially earthworms, spiders, and insects from the ground and litter. They take some plant material, but the quantity is insignificant compared with their intake of animal food. The sense of smell of kiwis is very acute so that most of their food is located by scent. Sight and sound play only minor […]
26 Mar 2013

What do spotted nothura eat?

What do spotted nothura eat? The spotted nothura feeds on vegetable and animal matter, taking more insects than plants in Argentina, but elsewhere feeding mainly on seeds, including those of pasture plants, crops, and weeds.  
23 Mar 2013

What do Cassowaries eat?

What do Cassowaries eat? Cassowaries feed on the fruits of rainforest trees and shrubs. The birds collect most of these from the ground, using their bill and sometimes their casque to unearth the fallen fruit from the litter of the forest floor. As the cassowaries travel, they disperse the seeds of these fruits throughout the rainforest, thus ensuring the continuance […]
22 Mar 2013

What do moas eat?

What do moas eat?  A number of moa gizzards have been found and analyzed, showing that the birds fed on plants, taking seeds, twigs, and leaves from different species. Nineteen gizzards from two different sites showed that the birds took plants that grew in the forest and those from open country, suggesting they often fed along the boundary between the […]
18 Mar 2013

What do Ostriches eat?

What do Ostriches eat? The ostrich grazes on green grass and browses on shrubs, succulents, and seeds. A few animals are taken, particularly when swarms of insects, such as the plague locust, are active.  
15 Mar 2013

What do Red-winged tinamou eat?

What do Red-winged tinamou eat?  It is sedentary, feeding on the ground on seeds, tubers, and fruit. In the summer it takes more animal food, including earthworms, termites, and other insects. It digs for food with its bill, and so is unpopular on newly sown cropland.  
14 Mar 2013

What do Rheas eat?

What do Rheas eat?  Both species of rhea are mainly herbivores. Both take a few small animals—lizards, beetles and grasshoppers—but not in any significant quantity. Most of the present range of the greater rhea is used for cattle ranching, with the result that pastures have been seeded with fodder grasses and forbs. The greater rhea takes much alfalfa and maize. […]
1 Mar 2013

What do emus eat?

What do emus eat? Emus feed on nutritious parts of plants, fruits, seeds, flowers, and green shoots. They also take grasshoppers, beetles, and caterpillars, often in great quantities. In order to grind up hard material, emus eat pebbles and stones. Individual stones may weigh 0.1 lb (45 g) and individual gizzards may contain 1.6 lb (745 g) of mineral material. […]