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10 Aug 2013

What do squirrels eat?

What do squirrels eat? What do flying squirrels eat ? Flying squirrels feed on a variety of plant and animal matter. Many of the larger tropical species are mainly herbivorous some specializing on the feeding of young shoots and fruits. The temperate species tend to feed largely upon tree seeds, some fruits and fungi, and animal matter. Smaller tropical species […]
28 Feb 2013

What do red foxes eat?

What do red foxes eat? Mammals, mainly rodents and rabbits, are the mainstay of the diet in most places. However, a wide range of vertebrate and invertebrate food is eaten including earthworms, beetles, the young of ground nesting birds, and human scraps. Lambs are found around red fox dens, but in many cases the victims are known to be sickly […]