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26 Mar 2013

What do spotted nothura eat?

What do spotted nothura eat? The spotted nothura feeds on vegetable and animal matter, taking more insects than plants in Argentina, but elsewhere feeding mainly on seeds, including those of pasture plants, crops, and weeds.  
22 Mar 2013

What do moas eat?

What do moas eat?  A number of moa gizzards have been found and analyzed, showing that the birds fed on plants, taking seeds, twigs, and leaves from different species. Nineteen gizzards from two different sites showed that the birds took plants that grew in the forest and those from open country, suggesting they often fed along the boundary between the […]
18 Mar 2013

What do Ostriches eat?

What do Ostriches eat? The ostrich grazes on green grass and browses on shrubs, succulents, and seeds. A few animals are taken, particularly when swarms of insects, such as the plague locust, are active.