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4 Apr 2013

What do kiwis eat?

What do kiwis eat? Kiwis feed on invertebrates, especially earthworms, spiders, and insects from the ground and litter. They take some plant material, but the quantity is insignificant compared with their intake of animal food. The sense of smell of kiwis is very acute so that most of their food is located by scent. Sight and sound play only minor […]
1 Mar 2013

What do emus eat?

What do emus eat? Emus feed on nutritious parts of plants, fruits, seeds, flowers, and green shoots. They also take grasshoppers, beetles, and caterpillars, often in great quantities. In order to grind up hard material, emus eat pebbles and stones. Individual stones may weigh 0.1 lb (45 g) and individual gizzards may contain 1.6 lb (745 g) of mineral material. […]